This Prime 1.79 Acre Lakefront Development Opportunity in Laguna de Apoyo Natural Reserve, boasts direct lakefront frontage and currently features two lakefront houses. An additional house is situated slightly further back, enhancing the depth and versatility of the space.

Furthermore, the property includes four raised structures on previously existing homes. This is particularly significant as the current building moratorium within the reserve only permits construction where there is or was previously a structure. This stipulation positions the property as an extremely unique opportunity for lakefront development.

The potential uses for this property are broad, accommodating both residential and commercial development. Given its direct frontage, easy access, and stunning views, it’s ideally suited for the hospitality industry. It presents an excellent location for a boutique hotel or eco-resort, promising guests an immersive experience in one of Nicaragua’s most scenic locations.

In addition, this Lakefront Development Opportunity in Laguna de Apoyo, Nicaragua, is further accentuated by its location amidst lush tropical foliage, offering a sense of escape to a different world. Despite its tranquil ambiance, it’s only a half-hour away from the vibrant Colonial town of Granada, Nicaragua. The property boasts multiple vantage points for enjoying the stunning views of the Laguna’s waters, the forested hillsides, and the impressive Mombacho Volcano.

Laguna de Apoyo, Nicaragua

Laguna de Apoyo is Nicaragua’s largest volcanic crater lake that was formed 23,000 years ago after a huge volcanic explosion left a large crater which interrupted the underground water table. Today, the lake is 180 meters deep and four kilometers in diameter. Its clear water is always warm, and averages a warm 28 degrees celsius. The surrounding basin and hillside are replete with goreous flora and fauna including traveling bands of monkeys and close to 300 species of exotic birds.

Granada, Nicaragua is a city that was founded in 1524, as such is one of the oldest in the country and Central America. Drawn by year-round warm weather, colonial-era architecture and the freshwater Lake Nicaragua, travelers from around the world flock to Granada to enjoy the quaint city, first class restuarants and vibrant culture.