Two Oceanview Houses in Playa Popoyo Nicaragua on an Expansive 1.4 Acre Lot – The Ultimate surf  Coastal Living Experience.

Introducing a remarkable real estate opportunity: a package deal featuring Two Oceanview Houses on an Expansive 1.4 Acre Lot in Playa Popoyo Nicaragua

This captivating property, priced at $190,000, offers an abundance of features and potential for savvy investors or those seeking a unique residential compound. Nestled on the picturesque grounds, each house boasts a comfortable layout with two bedrooms and two bathrooms, providing ample space for relaxation and privacy. With 1200 square feet of living space in each dwelling, there is plenty of room to create your dream coastal retreat.

This property also offers ocean views with incredible pacific coast sunsets. For those seeking to beat the heat, this property offers the perfect solution: refreshing swimming pools. Dive into crystal-clear waters to escape the summer sun or simply unwind poolside, enjoying the serene atmosphere and gentle mountain breeze. With an impressive potential for expansion, this property holds tremendous value. The vast 1.4-acre lot provides ample space for growth, with the possibility of constructing an additional five houses. This presents an exciting opportunity for developers or investors looking to capitalize on the growing demand for coastal living.

As a testament to the property’s self-sufficiency, two wells are located on the premises, ensuring a reliable water supply. Additionally, an electricity transformer capable of powering up to 12 houses offers convenience and flexibility, providing ample energy for your current needs and future expansion. Convenience is paramount, and this property offers it in abundance. Located a mere five minutes away from pristine beaches, renowned restaurants, and stores, you’ll enjoy easy access to the vibrant coastal lifestyle. Whether you seek a day of sun-soaked relaxation or a night out exploring the local culinary scene, everything you desire is within close reach.

Don’t miss this extraordinary real estate opportunity of this Oceanview Houses in playa popoyo! Contact us today to schedule a viewing and discover the endless possibilities this package deal has to offer. Act swiftly and secure your slice of coastal paradise before someone else seizes this remarkable opportunity.


Popoyo is arguably the most popular surf break in Nicaragua. Consistent offshore winds produce a wave that people travel from all over the world to surf. For that reason, Popoyo Nicaragua Real estate is a sound investment opportunity. Coming out of the pandemic, prices are very favorable and there are scores of Popoyo Nicaragua real estate investment opportunities for both lots in Playa Popoyo, Nicaragua and houses. Those looking to build their own house or business can find lots as cheap as $20 per square meter. Upscale houses are also available on the beach and in the hills. When evaluating Popoyo Nicaragua real estate, there are two main regions that investors should consider: Guasacate and Downtown Popoyo.


Guasacate is the most prominent beach north of the Popoyo break. Along this beach, investors will find several restaurants, hostels, homes, and even a mini supermarket. At the southern end of the beach, surfers can walk to the famous Popoyo break. Given the proximity to such high-quality surf and local businesses, Guasacate is one of the more popular tourist destinations in Tola for surfers and beach dwellers alike. For those looking to relax, the northern most end of Guasacate beach has a natural tidal pool. Perfect for a leisurely day in the sun, the easily accessible pools reveal at low tide and are free of charge. Popoyo Nicaragua real estate opportunities are abundant throughout Guasacate beach. Both lots and houses are available right on the water. With surf tourism on the rise, Guasacate beach makes for a sound long term Popoyo Nicaragua real estate investment. Popoyo downtown area, a growing community south of the Popoyo main break, is an equally secure investment opportunity.

Downtown Popoyo

Downtown Popoyo is an expanding community just south of the main Popoyo break. Foreign investment has turned these farmlands into a thriving area for local business. Popular hotels such as Mar Adentro, Malibu Popoyo, and Costa Oeste bring tourists in from all over the world. In addition to these sought-after hotels, many local businesses have sprouted up including two mini-super markets, a surf shop, and handful of bed and breakfasts. Raw land in Downtown Popoyo is as cheap as $20 per square meter. Lots with electricity and water access can fetch up to $25 to $30 per square meter. Downtown Popoyo even has a turnkey hotel for sale! Playa Santana, another popular surf break in the area known for its punchy, barreling waves, is directly in front of Downtown Popoyo and just a few minutes’ walk from most available real estate. Downtown Popoyo Nicaragua real estate is quickly becoming some of the most sought-after properties to invest in.

Popoyo Nicaragua Real Estate Opportunities

If you’re looking for a lot to build on, a house to live in, or even a thriving business opportunity, Popoyo Nicaragua real estate is the premier choice for an investment. With many commercial flights coming back and travel restrictions easing up, surf tourism will once again balloon. Nicaragua produces some of the best waves in Central America and vacations are quite affordable. If you’re interested in checking out the area, book a surf trip or relaxing yoga retreat.

Property Features

  • Ai r Conditioning
  • Balcony
  • Furniture
  • Internet
  • Kitchen Appliances
  • Parking
  • Pool