Beach Double Lot in Playa Jiquelite, Nicaragua – Discover these two adjacent lots at Jiquelite Beach, just a stone’s throw away from the surf!

Situated along the public road, each lot is square shaped and approximately 900m² in size. A short stroll down the road opens up access to a variety of surf breaks at Jiquelite Beach, Santana Beach, and for those seeking adventure, the outer reef break at Popoyo.

This area is on the rise, with new hotels, grocery stores, and cafes springing up along the coast and inland. Once a hidden gem, Jiquelite Beach is fast becoming a popular destination for vacationers and surfers.

The surf at Jiquelite Beach primarily breaks to the right, offering a quick ride perfect for shortboards. The best surf conditions are during the dry season, from November to April, when the swell is consistent, and the winds are offshore. The surf can be fast and powerful, providing an exhilarating ride for experienced surfers, while also offering smaller waves suitable for beginners.

Just south of the property lies Playa Santana, offering even more wave options. This is truly a surfer’s paradise, with multiple surf breaks right along the beachfront. The community has seen significant growth in recent years, with a variety of businesses emerging in the area.

This is a rare opportunity to own beach property along this pristine stretch of the Pacific Coast. Don’t miss out!

Playa Jiquelite, Nicaragua

Playa Jiquelite is a popular spot for surfing, as it has a consistent beach break with three main peaks that offer both lefts and rights. This area is a perfect destination for relaxing, surfing, and exploring the nearby attractions of Tola.

This Beach Double Lot in Playa Jiquelite is a surfer’s paradise with multiple surf breaks located right along the beachfront. To the south, you’ll find the surf break at Santana, situated directly in front of the La Finca y El Mar Restaurant and The Inn Hotel at Rancho Santana. There’s also a smaller break right in front of the property, perfect for enjoying from your deck or sitting area. To the north, around the renowned Magnific Rock Surf Camp & Yoga Retreat, you’ll find Beginner’s Bay & the Outer Reef break. It’s truly a haven for surf enthusiasts.

In recent years, the community has seen significant growth in both population and popularity. A variety of businesses have sprung up in the area, including local stores and restaurants. Just up the road from the properties, Cafe Cerveza offers delicious food in a beachfront setting, while the Dogtown Surf Shop & Cafe provides surf gear, coffee, and cocktails just inland of the beach.

Beach options along this pristine stretch of the Pacific Coast are limited. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to own a piece of paradise at Jiquelite Beach.