Previous Price: $ 649,000
Reduced to: $ 495,000

Casa Paradise – Lot H2 is a 2,690 square foot Rancho Santana Ocean View home with 3 bedrooms, and a pool. There is a garage with extra storage space and a caretakers quarters. 2.5 bathrooms.  Just a 2 minute walk to the clubhouse, beach, and most of the amenities.

It is recently renovated all new bathrooms, sliding doors and windows.

It has great rental potential. For more than a decade home has just been used by family and friends of the owner. It has never been used as a rental. It proximity to the beach and many of Santana’s numerous amenities like the restaurants, pools, tienda, tennis court, stables and spa make a very desirable location for renters. If you chose to rent it when you aren’t using it there would be a substantial positive cash flow.

Rancho Santana Resort

Rancho Santana, located on the southwestern coast of Nicaragua, is one of the premier resorts in Central America. Known colloquially as “The Ranch,” Rancho Santana serves as both a gated community where owners live full time as well as a hotel where guests can experience the beauty that Nicaragua’s Emerald coast offers. Rancho Santana began with a few houses built by the initial investors. Over time, as more investors looked for homes for sale in Nicaragua, Rancho Santana grew into a world class resort equipped with modern, reliable infrastructure and dependable security. The founders designed Rancho Santana to highlight the surrounding natural attractions. The Ranch offers access to five unique beaches, world class surf breaks, fine dining in three clubhouses, and over 16 miles of hiking trails. Rancho Santana offers both a stunning vacation destination and a safe investment opportunity as there are many homes for sale in Rancho Santana.

Rancho Santana Nicaragua Surf

Rancho Santana boasts several first- rate amenities including world class surf, horseback riding, hiking, a wellness spa, fine dining, and tailored family experiences. The southwestern shoreline of Nicaragua enjoys consistent offshore winds for nearly 330 days a year. Those staying at The Ranch have direct access to two sought-after surf breaks: Playa Santana and Playa Rosada. The former beach, Playa Santana, is a barreling A frame that attracts surfers from all over the world. Playa Rosada breaks left over a reef, producing a large wave best suited for experienced surfers. Rancho Santana is centrally located in Tola and surfers are just a short ride from other famous surf spots such as Colorados, Popoyo, Lances Left, and Playgrounds. There are several homes for sale in Rancho Santana located within walking distance to these attractions. For those who prefer riding a horse rather than a wave, Rancho Santana keeps an impressive stable.

Horseback riding is a popular activity in Rancho Santana. Guests can book horseback lessons or tours. Whether leading their horse across the open’s sands or within the winding trails, guests can appreciate The Ranch’s beauty in a unique way. Approximately 16 miles of trails, all which access homes for sale in Rancho Santana, are well maintained within the premise. The trails are designed to highlight both the tropical dry forest and the stunning vistas. Homes for sale in Rancho Santana lead right into the trails for investors who love hiking. For those looking to wind down, guests can take advantage of the wellness services Rancho Santana offers. The Spa attracts the traveler looking for peace and wellness. The Spa offers plunge pools, a variety of different massages, and facials. Additionally, The Ranch offers both group and private Yoga lessons. Rest and relaxation aren’t complete without a good meal.

Rancho Santana Dining

Guests and owners enjoy fine dining at Rancho Santana. Three different restaurants offer distinct culinary style with one common theme: quality food. La Finca y El Mar, the restaurant located in the main clubhouse, serves classic dishes with a local twist. Homes for sale in Rancho Santana, particularly in the Las Playas area, are just a few minutes away from La Finca y El Mar. La Boquita, a restaurant overlooking Playa Rosada, serves sourdough pizza and seafood specialties such as sushi. The Taqueria, as its name would imply, is famous for a wide selection of tacos and specialty beverages. Homes for sale in Rancho Santana, particularly the Los Perros region, are located right next to the Taqueria. Rancho Santana sources nearly all their vegetables, greens, and meats from their own farm so guests and owners know that their meal is fresh.


How to get to Rancho Santana Nicaragua

After landing in Nicaragua, reaching Rancho Santana is easy. The taxi ride from Managua is approximately 2.5 hours. Travelers who fly into Liberia, Costa Rica and opt to cross Peñas Blancas, the southern border, will have a similar travel time but the arrival process is different. Check out a detailed breakdown of the Nicaragua Travel Requirements. Both routes pass through the city of Rivas where travelers can pick up some groceries or supplies before heading to Rancho Santana. There are several taxi companies that can pick up travelers at the airport or the border and the Rancho Santana concierge service can assist guests or owners seeking assistance.

Homes For Sale in Rancho Santana

There are currently several lots and homes for sale in Rancho Santana. Lot listings vary widely depending on size and location, ranging from $35,000 to $425,000. Homes for sale in Rancho Santana are typically priced in the six-figure range. Most of the homes for sale in Rancho Santana have attractive amenities such as pools, stunning views, and lush gardens. You can find lots and homes for sale in Rancho Santana here. Rancho Santana also offers financing up to ten years with anywhere from 20%-50% down depending on the type of property. Becoming an owner has benefits too: a 15% discount on all food and beverage, entry to exclusive events, and full access for friends and family. Building inside Rancho Santana is a viable option for those who want to design their own home. Homes for sale in Rancho Santana are selling fast as travel returns. Whether you’re looking to book a dream vacation along the emerald coast of Nicaragua or in search of a promising real estate investment, Rancho Santana is the ultimate choice.

This is an exclusive listing of Rancho Santana Real Estate with financing available.