This plot of land lies in the hills of El Astillero, an up-and-coming area north of Popoyo, that overlooks the ocean at its peak.

This area is undergoing rapid expansion with residential and commercial properties beginning to flourish. This is one of the last, large properties available in this area,  Perfect for a house and perfect for a business.

This is an exciting opportunity for any long-term investors seeking a unique opportunity to create something special on a piece of Nicaragua’s pristine coastlines. Don’t miss out on investment for the future, contact us now to schedule a viewing.



El Astillero features two main surf breaks: Gavilan and Lance’s Left. Lances Left, as the name would suggest, is a punchy left that people typically travel by boat to surf. Best at mid to low tide, Lances Left is a favorite amongst the more seasoned surfers in the region. Gavilan, on the other hand, produces a different type of wave. At mid to high tide, Gavilan breaks off a rock to produce a fat, mellow wave best suited for long boarding. Both breaks are generally less crowded than the most popular surf break, Popoyo, yet they consistently produce high quality waves that people are willing to travel a bit further to surf.

Fishing & Turtle Hatchery

In addition to the consistent surf, El Astillero also has several natural attractions. Fishing is the main pastime in El Astillero as many of the men and women work as fishermen. In fact, El Astillero is one of the main providers of seafood in the region. Consequently, fishing boats line the bay every morning and deep-sea fishing is a popular tourist attraction. Fishermen can expect to catch a wide array of fish including dorado and yellowfin tuna. Astillero Nicaragua real estate is the ideal choice for an investor interested in consistent deep sea fishing adventures. If you’re more interested in eating a fish than catching one, there are a handful of restaurants along the beach that serve freshly caught seafood, straight from the boats. Chacocente, a beach just north of El Astillero, is a nationally protected area where tourists can watch turtle hatchlings crawl to the ocean. Nicaragua declared Chacocente a national park to protect the turtles that lay their eggs there every year.

Astillero Nicaragua Real Estate Opportunities

Astillero Nicaragua real estate is taking off. Along the southern edge of the town, there are several high-end houses overlooking the beach. Within the town, several lots in the hills of Astillero provide a beautiful ocean view. Astillero Nicaragua real estate also extends to the mountaintops. Currently, a developer is building roads and clearing lots throughout a large portion of the moutaintops just north of the town. These lots have stunning views of both the ocean towards the west and the rolling hills in the east. As development continues, Astillero Nicaragua real estate is sure to increase in value and volume. Investors looking for a bargain on high quality lots with stunning views will find that El Astillero is the opportunity of a lifetime!