El Astillero Nicaragua Real Estate: A Smart Choice

El Astillero Nicaragua Real Estate: A Smart Choice

El Astillero Nicaragua Real Estate is an amazing opportunity right now, here’s why. Nicaragua is a beautiful country with a rich history, stunning natural beauty, and a vibrant culture. One area of Nicaragua that has become increasingly popular among real estate investors is El Astillero. Located on the southwestern coast of the country, El Astillero is a hidden gem with a lot of potential for growth and development. In this article, we’ll explore why investing in El Astillero Nicaragua Real Estate is a smart choice.

El Astillero location and accessibility

El Astillero is located just a short distance from several popular tourist destinations, including Rancho Santana and Magnific Rock Surf Camp. This makes it a convenient location for both locals and tourists alike. Additionally, El Astillero is situated near several beautiful beaches, such as Playa Guasacate, Playa Popoyo, and Playa Gigante. With such easy access to these beautiful natural attractions, El Astillero is a prime location for anyone who loves the outdoors and is looking for a serene and peaceful environment.


One of the main reasons why investing in El Astillero Nicaragua Real Estate is a smart choice is its affordability. Compared to other popular destinations in the country, such as Granada or San Juan del Sur, El Astillero is much more affordable. This means that investors can acquire property at a lower cost, which in turn can lead to higher returns on investment. Additionally, El Astillero offers a lower cost of living, making it a great place for retirees or anyone looking to live a simpler, more affordable lifestyle. El Astillero is the last beach town in Tola to be developed by foreign investors which means the prices for raw land is still affordable.

Potential for Growth in El Astillero

El Astillero is a small town that is still largely undiscovered by tourists and investors. However, this is starting to change, as more people begin to discover the area’s natural beauty and potential for growth. As more infrastructure is built and more amenities are added to the area, El Astillero is likely to experience significant growth in the coming years thanks to the new coastal highway that is currently being constructed along the pacific coast of nicaragua. This means that investing in El Astillero Nicaragua Real Estate now could lead to significant returns in the future.

Beautiful Natural Surroundings

El Astillero is surrounded by some of the most beautiful natural scenery in Nicaragua. From the stunning beaches to the lush tropical forests, this area is a paradise for nature lovers. There are also several beautiful lakes and rivers in the area, providing plenty of opportunities for fishing, boating, and other outdoor activities. With such a beautiful natural setting, El Astillero is a prime location for anyone who loves the outdoors and wants to enjoy the beauty of nature.

Chacocente Turtle Reserve is one of the the most untapped tourist attractions on the doorstep of Astillero, anyone that has a passion for wildlife preservation will be blown away by this facility and how much tourism potential it has.

Top 5 things to do in El Astillero Nicaragua

  1. Fishing Tour – El Astillero is renowned for its fishing. There are plenty of local fishermen who offer amazing fishing charters for tourists. Prices range from $100-$150 depending on whether you book a half or full day. Booking a local boat helps with the local economy and helps the fisherman make a little extra money to support their families.

    Sport fishing

  2. Surf Trip – El Astillero is home to the famous Lances Left point break. This wave is perfect for both beginners and intermediate surfers. You can either walk along the beach or hire a boat to take you there. Perfect for when the waves down south start to get crowded.
    Access way
  3. Visit turtle reserve – The Rio Escalante-Chacocente Wildlife Refuge, declared a refuge in 1983, extends from the department of Carazo in its greatest extent and to a lesser extent in the department of Rivas, specifically in the municipality of Tola. It has an extension of 12 kilometers between which we find one of the nine beaches in the whole world where there is an authentic spectacle of nature. The massive arrival of turtles that go to the beach to lay their eggs. The types of turtles that arrive are paslamas, tora or leatherback.

    turtule releasing

  4. Horse ride through the Chacocente Reserve – The 4 800 acres of coastal beaches and forests of the Rio Escalante Chacocente Wildlife Refuge were put under the protection of the Richland Centre, Community Conservation and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, to study the area and assist in its safe keeping. As the Rio Escalante Chacocente Wildlife Refuge has the biggest area of unspoilt dry tropical forest within its borders; it has become essential to protect its magnificent biodiversity and ecosystems. Renting some local horses from the ranches and going for a ride through the forest can be an amazing experience as you’ll hear and see all the amazing birds and monkeys that live in the reserve.
  5. Buy seafood at the local fish cooperatives – If you are staying in a nicaragua vacation rental and have the opportunity to cook. You should definitely head to El Astillero to the fish and seafood cooperativas. They will have all the fresh catch of the day ready to go, straight from the fishing boats that morning. Most of the fish served in the restaurants in the area come from these markets so getting there first means you’ll be cooking the freshest fish in the area for your dinner.

    surf trip

Investment Opportunities

Investing in El Astillero Nicaragua Real Estate offers a range of opportunities, from buying property for personal use to purchasing property as a rental investment. With its affordable prices and potential for growth, El Astillero is an attractive location for investors who are looking to maximize their returns. Additionally, there are several new developments in the area that offer modern amenities and luxury living, making it an ideal location for anyone looking for a high-end property investment.

Top 5 Astillero Nicaragua Real Estate Opportunities

  1. Ocean View Acreage
  2. Playa El Astillero Town Lot
  3. Astillero Beach Cabana
  4. Astillero Ocean View Land
  5. Astillero Hills Lot

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El Astillero Nicaragua Real Estate is a smart choice for anyone looking to invest in property in Central America. With its convenient location, affordability, potential for growth, beautiful natural setting, and investment opportunities, El Astillero has a lot to offer investors. Whether you’re looking to buy property for personal use or as an investment, El Astillero is a hidden gem that is worth exploring. With its rich history, stunning natural beauty, and vibrant culture, Nicaragua is a country that has a lot to offer, and El Astillero is one of its most promising and exciting regions.

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