Introducing Luxury Oceanfront lots in Playa Remanso, San Juan del Sur, an exceptional investment opportunity featuring five captivating oceanfront lots. Located near Playa Remanso, just minutes away from the vibrant San Juan Del Sur in Nicaragua, this idyllic haven is a dream come true for surf enthusiasts and beach lovers.

These s Luxury Oceanfront lots in Playa Remanso, offer endless possibilities for development, whether you’re envisioning a private beach house or seeking lucrative rental income homes. Immerse yourself in the beauty of the ocean and relish waking up to the soothing sounds of crashing waves.

The surrounding area boasts a charming mix of sandy and rocky beach sections, providing ample space for families to enjoy their days in the sun. Indulge in the local scene with nearby bars and restaurants that offer delightful culinary experiences. Exciting plans are underway to relocate and enhance these amenities, making this investment even more enticing.

Remanso Beach presents a unique opportunity for investors seeking to create extraordinary living spaces. With its proximity to the beach and desirable hillside location, these Luxury Oceanfront lots in Playa Remanso promise exceptional value. Similar houses in the area have commanded prices surpassing $450,000, and the trend of growth shows no signs of slowing down.

Embrace the chance to own a piece of this coveted paradise. With limited available properties in this prime location, Remanso Beach stands out as a remarkable gem. Take advantage of the clear title and approved building permits, allowing you to craft magnificent one or two-story homes tailored to your preferences. Contact me by Whatsapp today to get more info about how to reserve your lot!

San Juan del Sur

San Juan del Sur, a rapidly growing beach town located on the Pacific coast of Nicaragua, is quickly becoming one of the most popular destinations for real estate investment in Central America. With its breathtaking views, beautiful beaches, and year-round tropical climate, San Juan del Sur is the perfect location for those seeking the option to have both a serene and laid-back lifestyle while also enjoying community and activities close by. In this blog post, we will explore the real estate opportunities available in San Juan del Sur and why it is such a great place to invest.

San Juan del Sur Real Estate Market

The San Juan del Sur real estate market has seen a significant growth over the past decade, with the town’s popularity increasing among international investors. Due to its ideal location, stunning landscapes and both active and relaxed communities, San Juan del Sur has become a sought-after destination for retirees, digital nomads, families, and vacationers alike. There is an excellent selection of San Juan del Sur real estate options, ranging from beachfront homes and luxurious villas to affordable condos and plots of land for development. Additionally, property prices in San Juan del Sur are relatively affordable compared to other popular tourist destinations in Central America.

San Juan del Sur Real Estate Investment Opportunities

For those interested in investing in San Juan del Sur real estate, there are numerous opportunities available. The most popular options include:

Beachfront Properties – San Juan del Sur has some of the most beautiful beaches in Nicaragua, making beachfront properties highly desirable. These properties offer breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean, and you can enjoy surfing, swimming, and other water sports right on your doorstep. Beachfront properties in San Juan del Sur come in different sizes and styles, from luxury villas to more affordable apartments.

Vacation Rentals – San Juan del Sur’s popularity as a vacation destination makes nicaragua vacation rentals an excellent investment opportunity. With its tropical climate and beautiful beaches, San Juan del Sur attracts tourists year-round, ensuring a steady stream of rental income.

Land Development – San Juan del Sur offers plenty of land for development, making it an attractive option for investors looking to build their dream homes or start a commercial venture. Land prices in San Juan del Sur are still relatively affordable, allowing investors to buy a plot of land and develop it into a profitable venture.

Retirement Properties – San Juan del Sur’s lively atmosphere and beautiful scenery make it an ideal destination for retirees. The town’s low cost of living, excellent healthcare facilities, and welcoming community make it an attractive option for those looking to retire in paradise.

Family Living – San Juan Del Sur is one of the only communities along nicaragua pacific coast that has a english speaking expat high school which is perfect for any growing family. San Juan Del Sur Day school is a great option for any family that is looking to move to nicaragua an experience a sea change in their families life. 

Top 5 reasons why Invest in San Juan del Sur Real Estate?

Investing in San Juan del Sur real estate has numerous benefits, including:

  1. Strong Rental Income Potential – With its popularity as a vacation destination, San Juan del Sur has a high demand for vacation rentals, making it a profitable investment.
  2. The cost Cost of Living – The cost of living in San Juan del Sur is lower than other popular destinations in Central America, making it an affordable option for those looking to invest in real estate. 
  3. Excellent Climate – San Juan del Sur enjoys a year-round tropical climate, making it an ideal destination for those seeking sunshine and warm temperatures. 
  4. Friendly Community – San Juan del Sur has a welcoming and friendly community, making it easy for expats to integrate into the local culture.
  5. Strong Property Appreciation – San Juan del Sur’s real estate market has seen significant growth in recent years, with property prices expected to continue to rise in the future.


Property Features

  • approved building permits for one or two-story homes
  • Clear title
  • growing value
  • Ideal for surfers and beach lovers
  • Limited availability
  • Sandy and rocky beach with nearby bars and restaurants
  • Suitable for private beach houses or rental income homes