Huge Property with 369 Manzanas infront the Lake Cocibolca Nicaragua

This Property in lago cocibolca nicaragua has an Incredible potential for redevelopment as an Eco-Resort with horse riding, trails, adventure kayaking on the lake or river with 3 km of coastline, Eco-farm or Community for private use or tourism. With direct access to the lake as well as the Santo Domingo River and only 45 minutes to the Los Chiles Costa Rica Border crossing.

Clay loam soil texture with moderate drainage, good fertility for cultivation, improved pastures, and all flat topography. 1 Manzana = 1.7 acres.

The main farm area is used for raising cattle. There are 44 paddocks with an electric and barbed wire fence. The paddocks have 100 manzanas {170 acres} of improved pastures (90 mzs of Para Caribe and 20 mzs of Mombaza) and 5½ manzanas in a protein bank (3 mzs of Taiwan, ½ mzs of black wood and nacedero, 1½ mzs of Morera and ½ moringa).

They also have 200 Manzanas {340 acres} of natural pastures (tepalón, aceitillo and retana). Likewise, the farm has 20 Manzanas of wooded area (on the edges of the river and lake, as well as in the upper parts of the farm) that include ½ mza of cedar and mahogany, ¼ mza of newly planted laurel, and 3 mzs where bamboo was planted for construction, and the rest of various species, such as genizaro, Guanacaste, helequeme, oak, hawk, habillos, carol, poponjoche and orange trees.

– Macadamized earth penetration road: 3,500 meters.

– Warehouse storage: 192 m²

– Water supply: Water basin, filter house, 2 plastic tanks, pipes to the paddocks

– Country house: 130 m² (enclosed area: 74, porch: 23, brickwork: 33)

– House of the boss and workers’ camp: 90 m²

– Retaining wall: 135 meters.

– Pier or jetty: 198 m²