Guacimo Lodge is located by Indio Maiz Biosphere Reserve, the second largest and best preserved in Nicaragua. The property consists of 53 acres of lowland tropical forest, a 7 acres teak farm and an ecolodge with 6 luxury cabin accommodation for 15-20 guests. With spectacular views of Costa Rica and the San Juan river, Guacimo features a 1500 ft2 pavilion with dining and lounging area and a separate 600 ft2 yoga deck and pool space for enjoying a nice swim after a hike.

Indio Maiz is home to 65 species of mammals including 4 species of wild cats, 221 species of birds, 55 species of reptiles and 34 species of amphibians. At Guacimo 53 acres tropical forest reserve, you may be able to spot spider monkeys, white-faced capuchin, giant anteater, sloths and other species. The great green and scarlet macaw and the rainbow-billed toucan are frequent visitors.

The teak farm comprises 13 years-grown teak with its corresponding management plan. During thinning periods, this quality wood discharged can be used for refurnishing purposes or to expand the number of cabins in the 4 acre lodge area.

The lodge ranks among the top 10 in Nicaragua and has agreements with over 110 international luxury tour operators and destination management companies.

Guacimo is a fully own property backed by First American Title Insurance. Secure spring water supplies the entire facility. A photovoltaic solar power system provides electricity to the main lodge, each cabin individually and other areas of the property. The power-generator system acts as a backup to the solar power system, providing energy 24/7.

Due to the short distance from Costa Rica, around 30% of Guacimo guests transfer from there. Distance time from La Fortuna is 3hrs (from which 1.5hr by river). Guacimo partners with Quercus luxury travel for seamless transportation from San Jose or Liberia international airports. A new road south of Lake Nicaragua will connect San Juan del Sur and Grenada with Guacimo in 3.5hrs.

This property and business is ideal for someone who has dreamt of owning a boutique hotel in paradise but doesn’t want the delay and hassle of construction.  The planning and building process is energy intensive and it can take years before a business is properly licensed and ready to open its doors. Once built, marketing a new business also takes time. Guacimo already has a substantial base of followers throughout Nicaragua, North America and Europe. The business operations are organized and the staff is trained. lt truly is a turnkey business in paradise.

Guacimo belongs to a sociedad anonima allowing for share participation or progressive ownership acquisition, a scheme company owners would support to provide guidance if needed.

The lodge name was inspired by the Guacimo tree at the dock, whose quiet presence is noticed from the moment you enter the property

Río San Juan, Nicaragua

Río San Juan is a river of 200 km in length that originates from Lake Cocibolca, also known as Lake Nicaragua, and flows into the Caribbean Sea. It is located in the southeastern corner of Nicaragua, bordering Costa Rica. The river is home to a rich history and diverse wildlife, making it a unique destination for nature lovers. It has been navigated since 1525 and has served as a crucial commercial route connecting the interior of Nicaragua with the Atlantic Ocean. Today, it continues to captivate visitors with its natural beauty and abundant wildlife.

Reserva Indio Maíz

The Indio Maíz Biological Reserve is considered one of the best-preserved natural reserves in Nicaragua. Located in the southeastern corner of the country, bordering the San Juan River, the reserve spans 3,180 square kilometers and is home to a wide variety of jungle animals. The reserve is part of the Indio Maíz Biological Reserve buffer zone, making it an important area for wildlife protection. It is home to hundreds of bird species, including toucans, macaws, hummingbirds, and parrots, as well as mammals such as deer, sloths, wild boars, pumas, jaguars, pacas, and even manatees. Despite its vastness, much of the reserve remains unexplored, preserving its natural treasures.

Property Features

  • 120m2 restaurant & lounge area
  • 2 motor boats with 18 passengers capacity in total
  • 200 meters of wood platform connecting rooms
  • Balcony
  • Furniture
  • Garden
  • Generator
  • House for staff with four bedrooms
  • Outdoor pool with infinite view
  • Solarium
  • Storage
  • Yoga deck