Commercial Lot on the Pan American Highway in Rivas, Nicaragua – A great investment opportunity near San Juan del Sur and Peñas Blancas.

As a roadfront lot along the Pan American Highway, this property offers the very highest in visiblity making it a smart choice for someone who want to open a roadside business.

Located just south of the ’empalme’ (intersection) to San Juan del Sur, everone travelling north from the Penas Blancas Costa Rican border will see your business! It is estimated that 3000+ people cross the border daily! Plus, since there are no competing buisinesses directly nearby you are certain to have a captive audience.

Our thoughts for use are as roadside restaurant or car repair – or install and lease billboards geared to capture tourists interest and vacation dollars.

Contact us and start exploring your options in Rivas Nicaragua real estate today and start living your dream of owning a property and experiencing lifestyle in Rivas, Nicaragua.


Rivas is a city in southwestern Nicaragua, known for its colonial architecture and active arts scene. It’s also the gateway to the beautiful beaches of San Juan del Sur and the stunning Ometepe Island.

San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

San Juan del Sur is more than a picturesque coastal town, it’s a lifestyle destination that offers a unique blend of natural beauty, cultural richness, and a sense of community. Known for its vibrant local culture, exquisite culinary scene, and a welcoming community that is home to English-based educational institutions like the San Juan Del Sur Day School, it’s a place that appeals to both adventure seekers and those in search of tranquility.

In addition to its stunning beaches and vibrant nightlife, San Juan del Sur is also a hub for outdoor activities such as surfing, hiking, and wildlife viewing. The town’s strategic location, close to other tourist hotspots and easily accessible from major cities, adds to its appeal.

The growing popularity of San Juan del Sur as a tourist destination enhances the investment potential of properties in the area, such as the Luxury Ocean View Oasis. With the increasing demand for vacation rentals and the steady appreciation of property values in the region, investing in a property here could yield significant returns.

Peñas Blancas

Peñas Blancas is a small town located near the Costa Rican border. It’s known for its lush greenery and is a popular stop for travelers crossing the border.