Previous Price: $ 349,000
Reduced to: $ 299,000

Beachfront Land Development Opportunity In Playa Miraflores, Nicaragua – A unique opportunity to own beachfront and a clear-titled lot in this breathtaking location!

Seize the chance to own beachfront lots in the breathtaking location of Playa Miraflores, near the tranquil town of Villa del Carmen. These lots are perfect for building new homes or establishing businesses, catering to all your aspirations in Nicaragua.

The property is divided into three distinct sections of lots. The first section consists of titled ocean view lots that cover an area of approximately 14,100.85 square meters (equivalent to 2 manzanas). The other two sections consist of beachfront lease lots. The first of these sections, referred to as “J lots”, includes lots J1 through J4. The second section, referred to as “I lots”, includes lots I1 through I7. Each of these beachfront lots offers approximately 705 square meters of space, with the total size of the beachfront lease lots being approximately 7,755 square meters.

These lots are accessible via a public road at the rear. In addition, all lots have access to water and electricity services, making them ready to build. There are no restrictions on construction or ownership.

Playa Miraflores is located just 1 hour and a half from the International Airport of Managua. It is a secluded beach with a spectacular coastline that seems endless. This beautiful beach is located between Finca Del Mar and Marbella, and within walking distance to two great surf breaks: Chiggers and Meatgrinders.

The area around Playa Miraflores and Villa del Carmen is known for its beautiful beaches such as Playa de Pochomil, Playa Pochomil Viejo, Montelimar beach, Quizala beach, Transit beach, and Masachapa beach. These beaches are known for their vibrant atmosphere and amenities like cafes and bars.

This is a prime location for your retirement or vacation home where you can enjoy the tranquility and natural beauty of the Central Pacific Coast of Nicaragua.

The property is conveniently located near several places of interest like:

Punta San Diego (Hemorrhoids)

World class surfing destination, and one of the best point breaks in Nicaragua. It’s a hollow, super fast left point breaking over a shallow reef that works well on a high tide.


works with swell, almond-shaped barrels. This break is fun for all surfing abilities, from experienced to beginners


Gentle beach break. Ideal for beginners and long boarding.


Right reef break that get hollow on big sets

Outer Chiggas

Left and right reef break outside of Chiggas

Montelimar Beach

Montelimar Beach is located on the Pacific coast of Nicaragua, in the department of Managua. It consists of 3 km of white sandy beach. The main tourist attraction is the Barcelo Hotel and Resort.

Quizala Beach

Quizala Beach belongs to the municipality of San Rafael del Sur, Department of Managua, and is located an hour away from the capital taking the old Leon road that goes towards Montelimar Beach. This beach has a short strip of sand compared to other nearby beaches like Pochomil or Montelimar. However, it presents a feasible swell for extreme sports like surfing and boogie boarding.

Transit Beach

Transit Beach is located on the Pacific Ocean and is in the 4th place of 10 beaches in the Leon region 46.3 km away from its center, the city of Leon. It is one of the beaches of the El Transito settlement, only 0.3 km from its center. The beach is located in an urban area. It is a beach with crystal clear turquoise water and gray sand, so you do not need special shoes.

Masachapa Beach

Masachapa Beach is perhaps the most popular beach for national swimmers during Holy Week and the hot Nicaraguan summer weekends. The beach is huge and flat, walking on it is a luxury and the sunrise and sunset is spectacular. Along the beach there are small rock formations that break the monotony of the landscape.