27 Oceanview Manzanas Near New Coastal Highway in Carazo, Nicaragua – A unique opportunity to invest in a property with immense growth potential.

This is the “path of progress” development deal you have been waiting for! 27 Manazanas (66 acres) of beautiful hillside land that boasts gorgeous ocean, valley and mountain views. It sits less than 3 km to the beach and the world renowned Playgrounds surf break, with easy access to the now under construction Costanera (New Coastal Highway).

The area of Las Pinuelas is still an unspoiled gem! With surrounding forests of old growth trees and rivers it is truly a nature lover’s paradise. On any given day you are certain to find monkeys, tropical birds and even a lounging sloth!

The nearby beach is a serene strech of coast that is a natural wonder not yet muddled by development. Aside from the Playgrounds surf break, there are three other top notch breaks previously only frequented by the most adventurous of surf travelers. With the development of the Costanera New Coastal Road this region is certain to develop to capitalize on the gorgeous coastline and world class surf.

There is already a high producing well on site so access to fresh sweet water is guaranteed. Thi Oceanview property itself could easily be divided into mutiple estate size lots with spectacular ocean views, or could be home to an even more ambitious development project such as a large scale eco-community.

Priced at less than $15,000 per manzana this is definately an ‘in the path of progess’ development opportunity to consider!