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Discover a 128.4 Acres diamond in the rough, perfectly poised for investment in the heart of Chinandega. This seaside property located just an hour from Corinto port, the largest and most modern port in Nicaragua, presents an unparalleled opportunity for green development. Green development is a smart investment strategy, through increased property value, reduced operating costs, and access to financial incentives. Such investments attract eco-conscious tenants and buyers, ensuring higher occupancy rates and premium rents boosting overall profitability.

Scenic Location

Perched above sea level, this property offers breathtaking views of the estuary and coastline. For an investment of $4,980,000 this land could be your gateway to a lucrative paradise nestled amidst lush mangroves, vibrant forests, and pristine beaches. Located 40 km from the city of Chinandega and 3 km from the highway, it is easily accessible by vehicle. The tranquil and picturesque setting is ideal for eco-friendly tourism, residential, and hospitality development, as well as wildlife-focused investments, promising impressive returns.

Tourism and Adventure Opportunities

The serene waters surrounding the property, coupled with its proximity to the “Route of the Volcanoes,” create ample opportunities for diverse tourism ventures. Imagine large-scale sun and beach tourism, adventure tourism, beach overnight stays, kayaking trips, and swimming—all appealing to active and adventurous residents and visitors.

For those seeking a slower pace, the property offers scientific research opportunities, environmental education activities, boat tours along the estuary, turtle nesting observation, bird watching, ecosystem exploration, and visits to nearby communities engaged in agricultural and shrimp farming.

Meet the locals

The extensive beach areas in surrounding communities such as Jiquilillo and Padre Ramos, located just 5 km away, are popular with both domestic and international tourists, especially during peak seasons like summer and Easter. This ensures a steady flow of visitors, supporting local economic growth and providing ample opportunities for business ventures.

The proximity of local communities offers access to a dedicated and skilled workforce, enhancing the efficiency and sustainability of development projects. Integrating the rich cultural heritage and traditions of these communities can create a unique and attractive development opening, fostering a deeper connection with visitors and stakeholders. This not only adds value to your project but also strengthens community ties, contributing to long-term success.

Environmental Significance and Biodiversity

Located adjacent to the Padre Ramos Natural Reserve, part of the wetlands of the Mesoamerican Biological Corridor, this property is near one of the region’s most prominent mangrove reserves. The area is home to a diverse range of fauna, including herons, sandpipers, egrets, pelicans, cormorants, osprey, gray hawks, roseate spoonbills, iguanas, garrobos, and endangered species like the American crocodile and several species of sea turtles.

The property’s strategic location among mangroves and forests provides natural protection against storms and coastal erosion, ensuring ecological benefits and safeguarding potential developments.

Corporate Social Responsibility and Investment Returns

Investing in this lot offers potential buyers a chance to elevate their corporate social responsibility profile by promoting social identity through appreciation of local culture and intercultural exchange. This investment offers local communities’ alternative employment and income opportunities, enhancing awareness among local populations and tourists about the importance of conserving natural and cultural assets, focusing on quality and the development of innovative products, and promoting service quality, customer satisfaction, and business growth.

An Irresistible Development Opportunity

Investing in this prime waterside property in Chinandega is a strategic move poised to deliver significant profits. The unique combination of natural beauty and economic potential makes it an irresistible opportunity for forward-thinking developers looking to enrich their property portfolio. Its enviable location near the country’s largest and most modern port offers global accessibility and logistical efficiency to execute your business vision, whether it’s eco-tourism, residential development, or hospitality ventures.

This investment promises significant economic growth and job creation, tapping into the thriving tourism market and benefiting from the steady influx of domestic and international visitors. By integrating local cultural heritage and sustainable practices, you’ll not only enhance community ties but also position your development at the forefront of eco-friendly initiatives.Seize this opportunity to capitalize on a high-demand location with diverse revenue streams and robust investment returns. Your next profitable development awaits in Chinandega, secure your stake in this lucrative market today.

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  • Beaches: 5 km
  • Dining: 2 km
  • Coffee Shops: 17 km
  • Bakeries: 19.1 m
  • Yoga: 14.4 km
  • Gym / Fitness: 14.4 km
  • Pharmacies: 34.4 km
  • Clinics: 34.4 m
  • Primary School: 8.39 km
  • Childcare: 34.4 km
  • Banks: 26.33 km
  • ATMs: 34.4 m

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